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Please note: The following suggestions are a collection of real life examples that past exhibitors have found successful.  We hope this information helps! If you would like to share methods that you have used at one of our shows please email us type in the subject line "Selling Products Creatively".

  1.  Make your booth/retail  space inviting by setting it up so that attendees can walk into the booth area as if they are walking into a small shop to see all of your fantastic displays.
  2. Display your products is a visually appealing manor. For example, display collars, harnesses, and leashes on a plush dog or cat; your booth should be a mini-version of your retail store or business.
  3. Offer a show day discount. You can do this with inserts, handouts, and ads in the program call today about our ad packages.
  4. Demonstrate your products on-site, if possible.
  5. Demonstrate your product on a pet, only if the pet is comfortable (if applicable). We urge you to only demonstrate items/ products on a KNOWN pet, not a member of the general public's.
  6. Donate products to rescue at the beginning of the day and ask if the pets can use the item during the event. For Example, give kitten or dog toys to the rescue pets on-site. Not only are you setting up a small tax-deduction, but it's one more opportunity for attendees to be impressed by your wares.
  7. Have a local community leader, mascot, costumed character, or celebrity at your booth to endorse your product and attract more attention.
  8. Have plenty of product at the event to sell. Don't Run Out!
  9. Have plenty of different types of information about your organization to distribute--including brochures, flyers, catalogs, postcards, etc. Looking to be in more than one place with our information? Call and ask about our insert, handout, and ad packages.
  10. Give out a business card or other slick marketing materials with each sale to keep the client coming back.
  11. Use visual aids! play an eye-catching video at your booth or have a large moving display.
  12. Decorate your booth to attract more attention--outrageous and bright is great! Remember, this event is a HUGE pet party!

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